Our Mission & Vision


Mission & Vision

To be a leading provider of Ship Management Services in terms of the QUALITY and VALUE provided to our Shipowner Clients, through the Efficient, Cost-effective, Safe and Environmentally Responsible Management of our Clients’ Ships. To implement the HIGHEST standards of Safety, Environmental Responsibility, Quality and Security, whilst aiming to maximize the potential profitability of our Client’s Ships.

  • Safe Operation
We will not take an unacceptable risk, risk management is key and compliance is instinctive
  • Personalized Service
Our customers can count on us to deliver customized services built on strong relationships which add value
  • Profitability
We are committed to attractive returns for stakeholders and sharing the Company’s success with our  staff
  • Teamwork
We endeavour to work as one team towards a common set of clearly defined objectives
  • Empowerment
We believe that decisions should be taken at the lowest level possible
  • Transparency
We run an open book approach for customers and other key stakeholders
  • Integrity
We believe in acting in an honest and professional way
  • Respect
We believe that mutual respect forms the foundation for the honest relationship