Mare Maritime Singapore Pte. Ltd. uses the world acclaimed “Danaos Ship Management suite of applications which is the bedrock of the success of Danaos, consolidating into a powerful integrated system all aspects of the daily work needed to manage efficiently a fleet of vessels and linking seamlessly both office and vessel into a unified environment with fully automatic data transfer and database synchronization.
Danaos has integrated all vessel data into unified office databases, enabling vessels to share information from a common dataset (if they have some identical onboard systems) and reducing vastly the data administration overhead.

It offers the following benefits to the Customer:

  • It is a fleet-wide system with unified databases for the whole fleet. Management can follow-up the performance and statistics of the whole fleet in an integrated manner.
  • Danaos offers an advanced cost-effective synchronization module for data communication between shore and ship that is totally independent of the satcom communication media. The Danaos Synchronization module transmits data over any flavour of Inmarsat, Radio Frequencies or VSAT systems.