At Mare we sincerely believe in corporate
social responsibility. That responsibility
falls on us when it comes to the support of
those who are underprivileged. We pledge
to create an orphanage for the support of
50- 100 children in India. Not only with
financial support, but with a home,
sustenance and education. We hope to
make these children?s lives with a career
and support system beyond a financial

The idea behind our pledge is to ensure we
reciprocate our fortune with those who need it
the most. We pledge to support orphans beyond
simply an education. We will sponsor them for a
proper mariners education. We will create
opportunities on our ships for new cadets.

Further, we will support the cadets and create
opportunities for them to grow. With our cadet
program and education sponsorship, we will
support our cadets financially to become
master s and engineers. With our program we
will not only support those who need us the
most, With the ideology of “teaching a man to
fish vs giving a man a fish”.

We Do It The Right Way